Thursday, 17 July 2014

Super Awesome Crochet Baby Diaper Cover

Ok.. Super duper excited to show you all what I did yesterday.. 
I was determined to make something different and finally came up this pair of cute baby diaper covers.
They are so easy to make and so cute.. You can just feel the texture of the ribbed pattern. It feels absolutely awesome, soft and tender. I just am in love with these wonderful baby pants, diaper covers, bloomers whatever you want to call ..

You all should try it out..

The pattern is by Cathy Wood.

Can just imagine how cuddly a baby will look with these on.. There is extra space for diaper and all. Just a button is missing.

Any thoughts??? ;)

Enjoy!!!Happy crocheting... :)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Interesting articles I made lately

I had some awesome time with popcorn stitches lately. I had almost forgotten about this stitch because its a yarn eater. But it really is worth the yarn ...I love the outcome and you can pretty much make anything with it.

I had been trying some things with the popcorn stitch when suddenly I decided to make a hat and it turned out to be like this. It looks like a top hat and I bet it would look adorable on a kid. With the flower sitting on top of the head this hat looks whimsical!!!

What do you all think?

Once I started making the popcorn stitch flowers, I could not stop and continued to make this headband. Pretty simple and chic.

Do you like popcorn stitches in crochet as well? What interesting things have you all done wi

Sunday, 13 July 2014

A world cup win, lots of crochet and lots more to come

Yey!!!!! GERMANY won ... the streets of wuerzburg are buzzing with noise.  People on the streets can't stop smiling and the entire atmosphere is euphoric. A very well deserved win for Germany...


My crochet works caught some speed in the meantime but sometimes photography takes time and slows down the whole process. The latest crochet article I made was a skirt. I just fell in love with the lavender and grey colours and just kept crocheting. It was a beautiful experience. With simple shell crochet stitches, I made the skirt. I also made a matching hat for it. 

Do let me know what you all think about the set?

Many more to come ... Happy crocheting!!!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Etsy learnings, treasury and crochet works

My white and grey Baby Booties and Hat, got featured in this lovely baby collection !!!
OMG !!! it is so gorgeous, that I can just cannot get over it so had to share it with you guys..

'Little one' by epoquegraphics

Lovely baby colection. ENJOY!

Personalized Wooden Bus natu...

OOAK Quirky Bear

Apple shaped cushion - small...

Cute house design cotton fab...

Bright Yellow Balloon, Nurse...

Baby girl hat and booties,cr...

Large Happy Cloud Cushion/Pi...

Purple Pinwheel Cake Topper ...

Girls Hat / Childrens Ear Fl...

Toriee House Play Tent by To...

knitted toy MY FRIEND ELEPHA...

BEACH Ring Bearer Pillow / N...

Gold Star Mobile Cream Baby ...

Baby boy summer linen shorts...

Stuffed Whales, Plush blue ...

Stuffed Bunny Rabbit Toy Han...
Powered By Handmadeology

Off late, Etsy has kept me on my toes.Orders, making new products, reading reading and more reading .. I hardly get time to crochet .. :(

Getting to learn a lot and one of which is, how to add any etsy treasury to your blog or webpage.
I had been searching for this since ages and finally have found it at the most obvious place.

In case you all are looking for it :

I came across a major hurdle in shipping which I am still half way through. Shipping from Germany is relatively simple for small goods but this is the first time I shipped to Australia and am facing problems.
Once the package is shipped to Australia, it is completely out of site. I am awaiting reply from my customer.If any of you all have faced similar issues please share.

I am getting ready with the upcoming autumn/winter time and am uploading some of my thick wool collections.

A nice warm orange pair of booties, a good Halloween collection.

Happy Crocheting !!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A rememberable week!

Hello!!!! The last week had been a roller coaster ride and am still recovering from the hangover!!! ;)

I desperately needed a vacation, so decided to accompany my husband on one of his work trips. This one was one of my favourite places in Germany, the gorgeous city of Konstanz. The beautiful corner of Germany which borders Switzerland and touches Lichenstein and Austria. Unfathomable beauty on all sides !!!
We could  still see the snow covered tops on the opposite side of the Swiz Alps.

Sitting by the calm and pristine lake of Konstanz, I kept wondering about my crochet works, internet and if I could browse online, when I suddenly heard some flapping sound on the water. In the far distant waters, there was a bevy of swans fluttering their wings to fly. They flew low for a while and stopped... A herd of swanlings with their parents passed by, then a huge balloon flew right over us, the cool shade of the tree soothed us surpassing any air conditioner made by man and the wonderful misty breeze and soon I lost track of what I was thinking. It is amazing how much of beauty there is in nature and with the internet and computers we are so hooked onto them that we often ignore the outside wonders of nature.

Anyways hours flew by in almost a flash and we had to return.

On the way back I decided to just see how my etsy shop was doing and something inside me wanted to see some change and voila ... there it was... a sale.. my tweety birds were ordered. Rejuvenated, entertained, enthralled by the beauty of nature and full of energy, I came back and started with the completion of my order. Packing clay is always a tricky thing, but managed to get plenty of bubble wrap and packed it all up. 

As if the surprise and fun was not enough, my wonderful fellow blogger nominated me for the Liebster award. Thank you once again Joy for the nomination !!!

So after all the excitement, finally got to play with my wool and made some sweet little baby girl and baby boy shoes.

All in all, sometimes a trip is all we need !!! ;) Happy crocheting.

Coming soon !!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

crochet high tops, crochet sneakers,crochet booties for boys

Life aint a bed of roses, but thorns are what make you stronger.

Aah  melancholy!!! Just having to face a number of problems at the same time this month so feeling grey... Anyway, everything in life is just a phase and never lasts long.. So we move on and paint them blue, violet, purple, ............

So coming to crochet,I got  hooked onto booties once again and started making some sneakers for a change.Must say some written patterns are confusing and extremely long and might be due to my lack of concentration, got bored following other patterns and ended up with my own !!! This is the first time such a thing happened to me..Anyways after a long time, which felt like eons, I had my ' Eureka ' moment.

I must say that I have been lazy, oops!!! Have used Double crochet instead of single or half double crochet, since the wait was too long.. Shame on me !!! Luckily this aint the finished product , which is evident from the upside down laces.Hehe.. ;) It is a prototype for the finished product but seems like I am on the right track..

Will be finishing with the finished product and show you all soon!!! Happy crocheting..

Feast your eyes and let me know what you all think about it!!!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Babies and booties!!!

Have started walking these days to enjoy the beautiful German surroundings in the beginning of summer.. Came across this lovely wall graffiti in one of the walks.. Aint it cute!!! Just love the artwork..

I am feeling so guilty having not blogged for such a long time..My time management skills are reducing.Etsy keeps me occupied for the majority of the day..

Wanted to share a few of my latest works on Etsy... 
 Cozy Booties

These cute tiny boots look and feel so cozy!!!  
 Ballerina Shoes

Fun, bright colored ballerina shoes for your beautiful daughter!!! 
Baby Blue booties

Oh !!!..these blue beauties are delicately handcrafted for your precious tiny tot..
Newborn booties with tails

Funky, moc like booties with piggy tails !!! ;)

Baby Girl Hat and Headband

Like Them?

There is some strange joy in making baby products, which cannot be expressed...It makes me feel like making them for my own kid if I had one.It is utmost bliss!!!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Crochet bird ....

Oh my god... These are so pretty and elegant.. Was working on them till 2 last night and what a wonderful feeling I have after completing the complex silhouette of the tweet birds. They appear to look complicated and time consuming at first, but when you make it once, you literally flow the next time onwards.

At times the tricky pattern made me feel like I was coding some complex computer program.. Hehe... Funny how similar crocheting is to coding I feel... :) Feast your eyes on these gorgeous birds.. 

I cant wait to make them in more colours, sooff I go to buy more wool..

Let me know what you think about these cute tweet birds?