Thursday, 29 May 2014

Babies and booties!!!

Have started walking these days to enjoy the beautiful German surroundings in the beginning of summer.. Came across this lovely wall graffiti in one of the walks.. Aint it cute!!! Just love the artwork..

I am feeling so guilty having not blogged for such a long time..My time management skills are reducing.Etsy keeps me occupied for the majority of the day..

Wanted to share a few of my latest works on Etsy... 
 Cozy Booties

These cute tiny boots look and feel so cozy!!!  
 Ballerina Shoes

Fun, bright colored ballerina shoes for your beautiful daughter!!! 
Baby Blue booties

Oh !!!..these blue beauties are delicately handcrafted for your precious tiny tot..
Newborn booties with tails

Funky, moc like booties with piggy tails !!! ;)

Baby Girl Hat and Headband

Like Them?

There is some strange joy in making baby products, which cannot be expressed...It makes me feel like making them for my own kid if I had one.It is utmost bliss!!!

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  1. thank you this was amazing and gave a lot of ideas and inspirationThe
    wait is very cute, and tiny = D VISIT ALSO my blog