Sunday, 13 July 2014

A world cup win, lots of crochet and lots more to come

Yey!!!!! GERMANY won ... the streets of wuerzburg are buzzing with noise.  People on the streets can't stop smiling and the entire atmosphere is euphoric. A very well deserved win for Germany...


My crochet works caught some speed in the meantime but sometimes photography takes time and slows down the whole process. The latest crochet article I made was a skirt. I just fell in love with the lavender and grey colours and just kept crocheting. It was a beautiful experience. With simple shell crochet stitches, I made the skirt. I also made a matching hat for it. 

Do let me know what you all think about the set?

Many more to come ... Happy crocheting!!!


  1. This two piece set is lovely and the colours are great together. Yes and well done to Germany. It was a interesting world cup final x

    1. Thank you Joy!!! Yeah yesterday's events are still lingering...;) Tc.