Tuesday, 3 June 2014

crochet high tops, crochet sneakers,crochet booties for boys

Life aint a bed of roses, but thorns are what make you stronger.

Aah  melancholy!!! Just having to face a number of problems at the same time this month so feeling grey... Anyway, everything in life is just a phase and never lasts long.. So we move on and paint them blue, violet, purple, ............

So coming to crochet,I got  hooked onto booties once again and started making some sneakers for a change.Must say some written patterns are confusing and extremely long and might be due to my lack of concentration, got bored following other patterns and ended up with my own !!! This is the first time such a thing happened to me..Anyways after a long time, which felt like eons, I had my ' Eureka ' moment.

I must say that I have been lazy, oops!!! Have used Double crochet instead of single or half double crochet, since the wait was too long.. Shame on me !!! Luckily this aint the finished product , which is evident from the upside down laces.Hehe.. ;) It is a prototype for the finished product but seems like I am on the right track..

Will be finishing with the finished product and show you all soon!!! Happy crocheting..

Feast your eyes and let me know what you all think about it!!!


  1. I think you make some really lovely things so for that I am nominating you for a liebster award x

  2. Looks beautiful.