Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A rememberable week!

Hello!!!! The last week had been a roller coaster ride and am still recovering from the hangover!!! ;)

I desperately needed a vacation, so decided to accompany my husband on one of his work trips. This one was one of my favourite places in Germany, the gorgeous city of Konstanz. The beautiful corner of Germany which borders Switzerland and touches Lichenstein and Austria. Unfathomable beauty on all sides !!!
We could  still see the snow covered tops on the opposite side of the Swiz Alps.

Sitting by the calm and pristine lake of Konstanz, I kept wondering about my crochet works, internet and if I could browse online, when I suddenly heard some flapping sound on the water. In the far distant waters, there was a bevy of swans fluttering their wings to fly. They flew low for a while and stopped... A herd of swanlings with their parents passed by, then a huge balloon flew right over us, the cool shade of the tree soothed us surpassing any air conditioner made by man and the wonderful misty breeze and soon I lost track of what I was thinking. It is amazing how much of beauty there is in nature and with the internet and computers we are so hooked onto them that we often ignore the outside wonders of nature.

Anyways hours flew by in almost a flash and we had to return.

On the way back I decided to just see how my etsy shop was doing and something inside me wanted to see some change and voila ... there it was... a sale.. my tweety birds were ordered. Rejuvenated, entertained, enthralled by the beauty of nature and full of energy, I came back and started with the completion of my order. Packing clay is always a tricky thing, but managed to get plenty of bubble wrap and packed it all up. 

As if the surprise and fun was not enough, my wonderful fellow blogger nominated me for the Liebster award. Thank you once again Joy for the nomination !!!

So after all the excitement, finally got to play with my wool and made some sweet little baby girl and baby boy shoes.

All in all, sometimes a trip is all we need !!! ;) Happy crocheting.

Coming soon !!!

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  1. Sounds like a trip to remember and yes its lovely to have a break to recharge your self.Well done with your success with your etsy shop. Lastly your very welcome for the nomination x