Monday, 25 November 2013

neck warmer with a granny square

This is a very simple crochet neck wrap/warmer with one granny square in the middle. This can be used as a fall neck wrap. The body is made with simple triple stitches and  the end is made up of one granny square.

fingerless mitten with star stitch

After having made a couple of fingerless mitten, I got the urge to  try something of my own . I quickly learnt the star stitch crochet and decided to give it a try.
Then I also  by chance came across the half triple crochet, which I thought I had invented, but later to my dismay came to know that it was already available. Ɓnyways i loved both the crochet.

The half triple crochet is a bit taller than double crochet and a bit smaller than triple crochet. So in case you want to save yarn  and also want to have a full appearance to your project then this is a cool crochet. The star stitch is a fun stitch and stands out in the presence of the half triple crochet. I loved making and wearing this one.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas ornaments

Ho ho ho!!! With the jolly season of Christmas approaching I decided to make some awesome Christmas ornaments that can be hung from anywhere and can also blink at the same time.

I enjoyed designing and crocheting each and every one of them. They are bicoloured hence can be hung in either direction. The blinking light circuit is inside the crochet hence no more wrapping of light bulbs, etc is needed. Just a simple switch will turn each of the ornaments on and off.

Merry Christmas!!!

Mirror work on crochet

During one of my experiments I ended up using mirror work to make it flashy. I tried it on some flower applique and I seem to like them. Do you?

The flowers are simple 5 petal flowers with an edging to highlight it. The centre of the flowers are used for placing the mirrors and stitching all around it.

This type of mirror work is called Shisha embroidery.

It is an art that is spread throughout Asia and I wanted to introduce it into crochet. It can be used for such appliques or clothing.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mitten with popcorn stitch

Using the popcorn stitch and double crochet this mitten hardly took minutes to be completed.

Experimentations with African flowers

African flowers are addictive... you make one and your hooked onto it for hours together. This was my rendezvous with them which later gave rise to some brilliant ideas...

The first one below, had some small blunders... but then once configured out the problem, it was cake walk.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

French knots with crochet

Let the pics do the talking!!!
The beauty of French knots is its simplicity .. and again as always simplicity wins. The French knot stitch is my favourite and somehow combining it with crochet, the piece becomes pure beauty. Made a handy with it. It will look very nice as a brooch or an applique for purses, bags, shawls, etc....

Friday, 8 November 2013


Found this interesting website
Tried the stockings in her website and became a big fan of her works..

Just added my flavour to it with some other colours. What better way to decorate you'd house in this jolly season!!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Crochet flowers wheel shaped


This is a new collection with my own pattern. The spiral look of the daisies are made to resemble the ammonite fossils in nature.

The very existence of this fossil is scintillating to me and strangely I came up with this design almost by fluke.

5 petal crochet flower

Decorative crochet piece

I made this one in train on the way to a night long exhibition in Germany. I saw the enthusiasm of ladies wanting to learn crochet and was amazed.

How to crochet simple flowers?


Mc(magic circle) (magic ring)
12 sc (single crochet) into the ring
Chain 9,skip, sc into the  next sc. Repeat this 5 times.
Hdc(half double crochet ) 7 into every chain of the previous round.

It's simple and addictive. Wish I had more colors. I would have loved to make more?

Simple 5 minute paisleys

Paisleys have been an essential part in my creative life. So been excessively obsessed with these beautiful mango shapes, the first thing I tried to make after being proficient in crocheting was paisley.

I could not imagine that inspite of it being such a beautiful shape, very few people have tried to crochet it. The ones which I found online were tough and complicated and I was adamant to find an easier paisley making technique.

Tiny star crochet

With Christmas round the corner people must be busy planning for the decorations. I came up with this simple star pattern for easy and quick crochet stars.

15 sc into the ring
*(Picot stitch into the 1st sc, 1sc, 1sc )* repeat 4 times
And your star is ready..

More tiny stars with cluster stitch crochet

Mittens/fingerless/bike crochet gloves

Finally made some fingerless gloves/mittens/bike gloves. Was fascinating.

There are plenty of free tutorials for this so I did not have anhydrous difficulty in catching the design.
The gloves turned out very well. I added my flavour to it with some stitching on the gloves.I used the French knots on most of them. Enjoyed making them.

Crochet Hanggies

My experimentation with stitches into crochet extended into making hanggies. These can be hung practically anywhere at home and at work. I love to decorate my kitchen with these. I made a couple of different heart shaped hanggies and an elephant and flower.

Christmas snowflake ornament

Free pattern
Magic circle
Make 13 sc into the circle
Chain 5, *sc into the second sc*. Repeat * this 5 times.
Sc into the first chain. *Chain 8, sc into the next chain*. Repeat * 5 times.
Sc into the first chain of 8. *Make 2 hdc, 2 dc, 2hdc*. Repeat * 5 times.
Then the last round consists of sc into each of the previous crochet with a picot stitch on the top. This means 3 sc into the previous crochet, the chain 5, sc into last chain ans sc into the next stitch, then 3 sc again. Repeat this till the beginning and your snowflake is ready.

Kantha stitch and crochet

My experiments with introducing suitable stitches into crochet started with a simple piece of art.. I was pretty happy with the outcome. :)

A hexagonal piece with multicolored kantha stitch. It is a famous stitch in east India.