Thursday, 29 May 2014

Babies and booties!!!

Have started walking these days to enjoy the beautiful German surroundings in the beginning of summer.. Came across this lovely wall graffiti in one of the walks.. Aint it cute!!! Just love the artwork..

I am feeling so guilty having not blogged for such a long time..My time management skills are reducing.Etsy keeps me occupied for the majority of the day..

Wanted to share a few of my latest works on Etsy... 
 Cozy Booties

These cute tiny boots look and feel so cozy!!!  
 Ballerina Shoes

Fun, bright colored ballerina shoes for your beautiful daughter!!! 
Baby Blue booties

Oh !!!..these blue beauties are delicately handcrafted for your precious tiny tot..
Newborn booties with tails

Funky, moc like booties with piggy tails !!! ;)

Baby Girl Hat and Headband

Like Them?

There is some strange joy in making baby products, which cannot be expressed...It makes me feel like making them for my own kid if I had one.It is utmost bliss!!!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Crochet bird ....

Oh my god... These are so pretty and elegant.. Was working on them till 2 last night and what a wonderful feeling I have after completing the complex silhouette of the tweet birds. They appear to look complicated and time consuming at first, but when you make it once, you literally flow the next time onwards.

At times the tricky pattern made me feel like I was coding some complex computer program.. Hehe... Funny how similar crocheting is to coding I feel... :) Feast your eyes on these gorgeous birds.. 

I cant wait to make them in more colours, sooff I go to buy more wool..

Let me know what you think about these cute tweet birds?

Friday, 16 May 2014

White and grey baby hat with matching booties!!!

I just realised that blogging is so much easier than the grueling etsy listings.. ;) Kidding but yeah ,,,here you can just write anything and everything..

I was very happy when I spotted these pair of shoes/booties design.I just loved the tight knit nature of these shoes.And the slight bulge at the top is perfect and gives it a very comfy feel and a professional look. Wish I was a kid again to be able to try these out...!!! ;)


I designed the hat completely from scratch. With simple shell stitches I made the lovely tiny crochet hat.. Just threw in a bit of grey towards the end and was totally satisfied with the result. Come to think of it, all my creations have been a result of sudden burst of energy and some flood gate opening for thoughts and designs to pour out..
Love it when that happens...!!!

 So all in all a very very satisfied with the result. I tried to make something with the minimum use of colours for a change. Hope you like it!!! Let me know what you all think!!!

 If you would like to gift or have one for your precious little can find it in my etsy shop.
 Link here , here or here.

Happy crocheting folks!!! :)

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Coasters and treasury...

Feeling wonderful after curating this lovely treasury!!!! It was the most fun treasury to do.

Geek's paradise

Just finished these lovely colourful coasters.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Last few days!!!!

Happy Monday..These were some of my latest finds on Etsy more newborn babies today...

The last couple of days have been pretty busy with lots of product listing and creation...I have launched my newborn baby creations and have many more coming up..

Baby Girl baby shower gift

Precious newborn baby girl dress

Baby Hat and Booties in size 0 to 9 months

Thursday, 1 May 2014

"Happy May day"

Have a bit slow these days in blogging.. Guess the rains are clogging my brains.. :(

Happy May day... Although it hardly feels like the first day of summer with all the rains that we are receiving, it is nice to see the green sprouting all around ....:)

With new season, I will be having new listings in my Etsy shop ..Feel free to check them out. It will be custom made. So gift your mom on this mother's day with this special gift..

Dining coasters @ ieclectic shop