Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Handmade crochet baby booties

I have been obsessed with these cute things.. After making frocks I thought to myself, would it not be nice if I could make some booties along with them?

Aah and what a wonderful thought it was!!! I ended up making tons of booties... and seem to have a tough time thinking of anything other than these cute little things... These are my sweet bundles of joy..

Starting from the tiniest and the simplest to the biggest and the most complicated, the journey was fun and I intend to continue this journey even further... Having tried a range of baby crochet shoes, from ballerina shoes, simple basic shoe to the more complicated cuffed shoes, I seem to get a hang of them now.

Feast your eyes upon some more photos that I took...

This one was done with Puff stitches(my favorite stitch in crochet).I enjoyed making this one..

I shall continue the photos in a second blog since this blog seems to be too crowded..