Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New crochet baby headband tutorial

I am slowly getting a hang of these video tutorials ... :)

Had fun making this one. It is a video tutorial for making a cute little newborn baby crochet headband with popcorn stitches.. Hehe popcorn !!! I know they sound funny some of these stitches but making them is even more fun. I literally enjoy twisting my hands round and round when I make these stitches.. Ok somehow I am blabbering more than usual today. Guess it is the side effect of making video tutorials that you automatically start talking.

Hmm.. Now back to the topic...  This is a lovely baby headband. The pattern is made to fit a newborn baby's head. So if you want to make it for a bigger child, make more chains and check with your child 's head. Then see to it that they the number of chains you make are in multiples of 4 and then add 1 more chain to it to start.

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