Wednesday, 12 March 2014

3 Tips for Inspirations!!!

1.  Get inspired from the things you love.  Know how?
I love watching movies (may it be Indian style Bollywood movies or Hollywood movies). I like to note the colors used in Bollywood movies, the backdrops, artistic works, locations, actors and their accessories.I like the style and simplicity used in Hollywood movies.

I love nature. I can sit for hours together gazing at the sky seeing different formations of clouds, watching birds with their strange colors and shapes, the asymmetric, yet symmetric formation of leaves, plants, barks and trees, and so on and so forth.

Reading blogs, books, even reading the news at times, small insignificant things to big prominent things inspire me.

So find out what you like, continue doing them and derive inspiration from them.

2. Do a pattern and then undo it and give your brain a rest. Know why?
This is a personal secret, which I have discovered while crocheting. Whenever I want to develop something new, I try the old patterns or something that I learnt recently and then undo the whole thing and take a long break.Although I stop crocheting, in my subconscious mind  I am still thinking about the pattern or what I want to arrive to. Then after a day or when I feel the time is right, I start crocheting again. Mostly, I get what I had wanted to develop, say a new product or a pattern or sometimes I have to repeat the same process many times till I get the result. This is a completely self taught techniques so I really cannot guarantee how well it works on everyone.

3. Learn and Do a variety of things. Know what?
I love cooking new dishes, DIY -ing and  playing with different types of materials from clay to resin. I have seen that this way I stop myself from getting bored with things as well as get hoards of new ideas for my crochet works. I think it has something to do with the way our brain is wired.We need to rewire or recharge them every time in order to come up with new ideas.I do not know how it really works from anatomical point of view, but this is how I understand the brain. ;)

These are 3 of my tips for inspiration and hope it helps you all in your crochet work!! Happy Crocheting!!

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