Sunday, 15 December 2013

Crochet Hexagonal Cluster motif

The simplest motif !!!!

Magic ring
Chain 3(this is the first chain of the cluster stitch) and complete the cluster stitch , (chain 3 , cluster stitch)5 times.
Chain 3 and complete the cluster stitch in the first chain 3 space of the previous round, chain 2, cluster stitch again into the same space. (Chain 3, cluster stitch, chain 2 , cluster stitch) repeat 5 times. Close with a chain 3 stitch.
Chain 3, 2 dc in the chain 2 space of previous round,3 dc, chain 1, 3 dc, (3dc in chain 2 space, 3dc, chain 1, 3 dc)repeat 5 times. Slip stitch into the 3rd chain of the chain 3.
Fasten off.

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