Friday, 6 December 2013

Crochet Puffy motif new! !

Just came up with this new pattern. Looks pretty cool. Wonder when I will be able to make a project out of it.

Make a magic circle.
1 puffy stitch into the circle, chain 3 -repeat 2 times.
Chain 3 on the last stitch.
Make 9 dc into each of the chain 3 space.
Slip stitch into thread first dc. 18.
Chain 3 , puffy into the same stitch, skip 2 dc, slip stitch into the 3 rd dc of the previous chain. -8 times more. 9 puffy.

And your done!!!!

I had thought I had almost forgotten it but as I started making it, it all came back. This time I tried with a different yarn so the outcome was a bit different.

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