Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Crochet Heart shaped african flowers

Heart shaped African flowers or hexagonal heart shaped granny.

It was a herculean task to complete this, but the addiction to make more and more of it was so strong that I just could not stop. 

The pattern is as follows.

Heart : With the maroon yarn, make a magic circle & chain 3.
Round 1: Then make 2 trc, 3 dc, 'chain 1, 1 trc, chain 1, 3 dc, 2 trc, chain 3, all into the ring. Tighten the ring.
Round 2: Make 3 scs on the chain 3 of the previous round, 2 sc on each of the crochet of the previous round, except for the 'chain 1, 1 trc, chain 1' part  which will have 1 sc each.

Round 3:Check out the shape of the heart and choose 6 points on the heart for making the hexagonal shape. Now with the white yarn, in each of the 6 points, make 2 trc, chain 2, 2 trc - 6 times.

Round 4:Make 7 trcs in each of the chain 2 space, chain 3 and then repeat 5 more times.

After round 4 it looks something like the pic on the left.

Round 5: Now with maroon yarn, sc across each of the trc in each of the trcs of the previous round and make a long stitch in the chain 3 space.
Repeat the above 5 more times.

It will look like the pic on the left after round 5. You will need to stretch the wool to flatten it.

Once stretched, you will get the following look. The flower is done!! Now the hexagon...

Round 6:  With the white yarn, chain 3 on one of the sc (after the long stitch) of the previous round.Then make 3 dc on each of the scs of the previous round, chain2, dc into the same sc which has the 4th dc and make 3 dc on the next scs.
*Chain 1, 4dc, chain 1, 1 dc into the same sc containing the 4th dc, 3 dc*. Repeat * to * 4 more times and the hexagon is ready!!

Round 7 : Place the hexagons in the order you would like to have.
Stitch or crochet each of the hexagons together. Fasten off.

I have made it into a wall hanging, as the heart shape gives a very unique look to the wall. You can also make purses or bags out of it. 



  1. So beautiful - i have made a babyblanket this way - thanx for sharing :-)
    Majbritt from Denmark

    1. Hi Majbritt.. Am glad that it was useful!!! Happy crocheting.. :)