Friday, 16 May 2014

White and grey baby hat with matching booties!!!

I just realised that blogging is so much easier than the grueling etsy listings.. ;) Kidding but yeah ,,,here you can just write anything and everything..

I was very happy when I spotted these pair of shoes/booties design.I just loved the tight knit nature of these shoes.And the slight bulge at the top is perfect and gives it a very comfy feel and a professional look. Wish I was a kid again to be able to try these out...!!! ;)


I designed the hat completely from scratch. With simple shell stitches I made the lovely tiny crochet hat.. Just threw in a bit of grey towards the end and was totally satisfied with the result. Come to think of it, all my creations have been a result of sudden burst of energy and some flood gate opening for thoughts and designs to pour out..
Love it when that happens...!!!

 So all in all a very very satisfied with the result. I tried to make something with the minimum use of colours for a change. Hope you like it!!! Let me know what you all think!!!

 If you would like to gift or have one for your precious little can find it in my etsy shop.
 Link here , here or here.

Happy crocheting folks!!! :)