Monday, 31 March 2014

White and pink crochet baby dress!!!

This is the project I worked on last night. Like all crochet works, this was also supremely addictive!! A lovely white and pink soft baby crochet dress.Feast your eyes!!!

The edgings made this piece even more precious.... Just loved making it.... :)  Would be perfect as a spring or summer baby dress!!!

In the meantime my etsy shop articles got featured in loads of treasuries...

Purple Rain
Cheery Pink
Bunny Rabbit
Magnetic Attraction

My heartfelt thanks to all the curators ....

Today my Mom in law and her friend applauded and encouraged me and I ended up running to the local store, buying 2 more sets of yarns for crocheting... Busy days ahead !!! :)

Totally hooked.. Happy Crocheting... :)

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