Monday, 25 November 2013

fingerless mitten with star stitch

After having made a couple of fingerless mitten, I got the urge to  try something of my own . I quickly learnt the star stitch crochet and decided to give it a try.
Then I also  by chance came across the half triple crochet, which I thought I had invented, but later to my dismay came to know that it was already available. Ɓnyways i loved both the crochet.

The half triple crochet is a bit taller than double crochet and a bit smaller than triple crochet. So in case you want to save yarn  and also want to have a full appearance to your project then this is a cool crochet. The star stitch is a fun stitch and stands out in the presence of the half triple crochet. I loved making and wearing this one.

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