Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Twisted wall hangings

I did not realise the importance of this design till I started making one once again to right this blog. I wanted to try out the design once before writing the pattern and somehow enjoyed doing it and ended up making bands out of it. They just look lovely and are so easy and fun to make. It is unimaginable.

Ok now the pattern..

It's simple .

Chain 5
On the 2nd chain from the end make 6 double crochet.
Chain 3
In the 2nd double crochet of the first fan make 6 double crochet again.
Repeat this as long as you want.

Just an amazing design for hand, leg , head bands , can also be a cute belt, a wall decor, an applique for a dress or a hat.

Hope you all enjoy it!!!

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